PR-2018: The Sixth Session "Russia and the EU – Interdependence or Confrontation"

The sixth session "Russia and the EU — Interdependence or Confrontation" — revealed the unfavorable aspects of the deteriorating relations of partner countries, noted by all experts. The representative from France said that the international system will depend, first of all, on relations between the US and China.

He noted the possibility of increasing confrontation in cyberspace, in the economy (related to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative), if Russia continues its course toward strategic loneliness. The Italian expert pointed out the interdependence in relations between Russia and the EU, describing it as "hybrid cooperation".

The participant noted the special complexity of the Ukrainian issue, as well as of the Serbian and Balkan problems. Representatives of the Russian point of view made in their speech an emphasis on the fall of investment activity between the Russian Federation and the EU.

Experts noted an unprecedented crisis of confidence and, in connection with this, Russia’s pivot to the East. Nevertheless, they also expressed hope for a more pragmatic approach of European business circles, which will allow separating economic benefits from political processes. The US representative at the session stated that Russia consciously chooses the path of the "rogue state": the country does not want to play by international rules and refuses to take responsibility for certain events.
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