PR-2018: The Fifth Session "Is there a Future for Arms Control?"

The fifth session — "Is there a Future for Arms Control?" — expanded traditional understanding of the subject, highlighting also the challenges of cyberspace and the emergence of hypersonic and smart weapons, touching on the philosophical question of whether there could be a regime of arms control in a multipolar world in general.

The American expert confirmed that Russian issue is being used today in the US domestic politics. Representatives of the Russian side noted, that the nuclear arms race in the 21st century will no longer be a bilateral but multilateral. They also pointed out that a new arms control system cannot be built if the previously created mechanisms are destroyed.

The representative from the European Union said that the control system no longer corresponds to the new realities, since it is a product of the bipolar world, and the question is how to organize a multilateral arms control negotiation process in a multipolar uncontrolled system. The expert stressed the need to counteract the US in its desire to extend legal norms of its national legislation to other countries. Indian expert called for a focus on reducing the risks of using nuclear weapons.
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