PR-2018: The Seventh Session "Society changing Tech: Its Expanses and Limits"

The seventh session "Society changing Tech: Its Expanses and Limits" – conducted by A.A. Fursenko, the Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, highlighted the role of the state and the market in modern developed societies. Panel discussion touched upon the problems of: resource catastrophe, communication gap, growing interdependence of countries in the field of modern technologies, and state guarantees to cover risks of developing field-specific technologies.

The specialists discussed possibilities of "blockchain" as a possible solution for a number of technological challenges. They agreed on the need to educate specialists aiming at invention and creative thinking, within the framework of solving special tasks for applied purposes. The Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation M.M. Kotyukov, stressed that scientific community, business circles and system of education – all participate in the technological development of the country.

The Academy of Sciences once took upon itself the role of a major acquirer of R&D. Today the role of the state in the sphere is paramount. The speaker pointed up that in international cooperation, the emphasis should be made both on the development of infrastructure and on the development of those competencies that are necessary for Russia to enter the market of leading projects.

The American expert noted that under the conditions of "new normality" technologies can help to overcome a number of resource constraints. At the same time, technologies are developing at such a speed that governments often do not understand the whole picture, so the task of the academic community is to develop a set of rules and regulations in the field of technology.
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